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Photo-Musical Retrospectives

La Bonne Vivante photo musical retrospectives creatively capture and enable the sharing and preservation of fond memories.
Using  your photos, video clips, and documents, accompanied by the music of your choice,  La Bonne Vivante  artistically renders, customized, personalized,  photo-musical retrospectives, perfect for adding meaning and dimension to weddings, graduations, birthday and anniversary celebrations, reunions, memorials—every type of  personal, corporate or other organizational milestone and event.  Call us at 703-912-7729 to discuss your needs.

Click below to see examples of photo-musical retrospectives created by La Bonne Vivante. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: These samples are compressed versions of the originals. This is not an accurate representation of the quality of our work. The music in your video album will be of CD quality and the images/graphics will be sharp & clear.

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