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Digital Images and Services

Library and Archive of Digital African American Photographic Images:  1870-1940 

The La Bonne Vivante digital image library and archive ultimately will be comprised of myriad digital files which contain antique and vintage of photographs of African Americans.  The predominant focus of this archive will be the 1870s-1940s time frames. Now resident on the site are digital image files which have never been sold by us in any other form.   

Cataloging, description, upload and display of these images will be continuous processes.  The number, depth, breadth and scope of available images will increase daily, as new items are added. 

Instructions for Viewing and Ordering Digital Images from La Bonne Vivante 

To View Images:
  1. In the product menu, click on the  digital images and services  button. You will be directed to the archive icon. Click it, and follow additional directions which will take you to the full compilation of available images which reside on
  2. You will see a mosaic comprised of thumbnail images.
  3. To view a slideshow of all images, arranged alphabetically, click the slideshow icon  above and to the right of the mosaic.
  4. To view images individually, simply click the thumbnail in the mosaic.
  5. Clicking the “all sizes” icon above the photo will enable you to see the image at each available resolution; thereby ensuring that the photo is suitable for your intended use of it.  The largest available image resolution will always be provided.
  6. To the right of the larger image that will pop up in the individual image views is a blue box equipped with arrows to assist you in navigating through the archive photo by photo.
 To Order Images: 
  1. Copy the filename and description of each digital image you wish to purchase. E-mail the list to us at
  2. We will send you a paypal invoice detailing your selections and deliver the high resolution images to your desktop immediately upon receipt of cleared payment.
  3. There will be no shipping charge, since delivery is electronic.
Ask us about discounts on bulk orders.  Click a product below for more details: